65 Pint Dehumidifier - Reviews and Buying Guide

65 pint dehumidifiers are some of the largest capacity dehumidifiers available for residential use. Dehumidifiers usually vary from 30 pints to 70 pints in capacity. When choosing the right size dehumidifier you can measure the level of humidity in your area with a hygrometer; it will be able to tell you accurately how much moisture you have in the location you want to dehumidify. The next thing you’ll need to know is whether you want to dehumidify a large area, like a whole basement, or just a small room. If you have high humidity levels and a large area to cover, a 65 pint dehumidifier will be the right choice for you.

With a 65 pint dehumidifier, you are getting a powerful machine to take care of your moisture problems. These units are strong enough to clear the air for people with allergies, prevent mold growth, prevent wood from rotting and can stop several other moisture related problems as well.

The 65 pint dehumidifier, like other big pint dehumidifiers, has extra options that smaller pint dehumidifiers don’t usually have. Since they are bigger in size many have a retractable handle and castors to move them around. This becomes very convenient as dehumidifiers are often moved around to different spaces around the house.

In high moisture areas, a dehumidifier’s reservoir can fill up very quickly, making it time-consuming to continuously empty its tank. The unit shuts off once the reservoir is filled, which might take a while to notice. Thankfully, many 65 pint dehumidifiers now have a direct drain option. This lets you connect a hose and directly drain it into a sump pit or other suitable drain.

Another great future of the bigger models is that they are temperature proof. Many places that use large dehumidifiers can be quite cold; these models can work in near freezing conditions, enabling you to use them in most climates.

Here are a few places you can use a 65 pint dehumidifier:

  • Finished/unfinished basement
  • Residential home
  • Finished garage
  • Very high moisture areas
  • Large areas

There are many different 65 pint dehumidifiers on the market today - some are amazing and others won’t do much except lighten your pockets. Here are 3 65 pint dehumidifiers that have been proven winners:

Note: We now rank 65 pint dehumidifiers in the same category as 70 pint units. Please see our 70 pint dehumidifier reviews for an updated list of top rated large capacity dehumidifiers

2012 #1 Best Rated 65 Pint Dehumidifier - Sunpentown SD-65E

This is simply the best 65 pint dehumidifier around; with its large capacity, it is capable of solving humidity problems of any size up to 500 square feet. The unit is also extremely energy efficient with an Energy Star rating.

This dehumidifier has been receiving great reviews with an average 4.5+/5 star rating. With its superior durability and energy efficient operation, the Supentown 65E is also our best rated dehumidifier overall.

Sunpentown SD-65E Full Review

#2 Best Rated - GE ADER65LN

The GE ADER65LN 65 Pint Capacity Dehumidifier is another great 65 pint unit. This dehumidifier has proven itself to be a good quality dehumidifier that can easily control humidity in large areas. The GE ADER65LN comes with castors making it easy to move where it’s needed. It also has the Energy Star rating making it a very energy efficient dehumidifier.

GE ADER65LN Full Review

If you need a good quality dehumidifier for a fairly large space, any of these 65 pint option would be a cost efficient choice.