Basement Dehumidifier - Reviews and Buying Guide

Humidity problems can occur anywhere, but one of the most common places where moisture problems occur is the basement. The dehumidifier industry is well aware of this fact and has even gone so far as to produce basement dehumidifier systems to take care of this problem. These dehumidifiers are specifically made to control humidity in a basement or crawl space.

One thing to consider when buying a dehumidifier for a basement is that basements are much colder than other areas in the home. This will often lead to dehumidifiers freezing up inside and breaking down. A basement or crawlspace dehumidifier is specifically made to withstand these cold temperatures. They have an auto defrost system as well other measures in place, preventing them from breaking down in cold temperatures.

Crawlspace dehumidifiers are made to cover a large area, usually in the thousands of square feet range. These machines usually also have a larger size pint capacity. This means that they are able to remove that much more moisture per day from the environment. They will often also have a direct drain feature, enabling you to directly drain the water from the dehumidifier into a sump pit.

Some of these units have castors so you can easily move them around, while others are stationary and can even be hooked up to your ducting.

A basement dehumidifier can be used in places like:

  • A crawl space
  • A basement (finished/unfinished)
  • An insulated garage

Below are the 2 best rated basement dehumidifiers:

2017 Best Rated Basement Dehumidifiers

#1 Keystone KSTAD70B

#2 Frigidaire FAD704DWD

2012 Best Rated Basement Dehumidifiers (For Your Reference)

#1 Best Rated Basement Dehumidifier - GE ADER65LN

Our survey of basement dehumidifier reviews has shown the GE ADER65LN to be a perfect basement solution. The unit can easily cover large areas. The unit is extremely strong and can keep humidity levels between 30% and 80%.

If you’re looking for a basement dehumidifier that’s energy efficient, reliable and durable, the GE ADER65LN 65 is the clear choice. 

GE ADER65LN Full Review

#2 Best Rated - Frigidaire FAD704DUD

This is a great portable basement dehumidifier made by Frigidaire. It is capable of removing up to 70 pints of moisture per day while able to cover a vast area, making it ideal for basements. This is a great, cost effective solution for your basement humidity needs.

Frigidaire FAD704DUD Full Review

#3 Best Rated - Santa Fe Classic

The Sante Classic is a heavy duty basement dehumidifier. It is capable of controlling humidity in areas of up to 3000 square feet depending on conditions. The unit can be directly attached to the ventilation system. Basement dehumidifier reviews have shown this to be a great unit; however, with a price tag of approximately $1,500 it is quite expensive.

Santa Fe Classic Full Review

When choosing a basement dehumidifier it is important to pick one that can work in low temperatures. All of the dehumidifiers above fit the bill.