Boat Dehumidifier - Reviews and Buying Guide

Going boating can be a great way to escape and have some fun. You may have a boat with a cabin and noticed that there’s quite a bit of humidity building up, making for a very uncomfortable environment. Having too much moisture inside your boat can also cause problems such as warping wood cabinets, ruining upholstery and making for a breeding ground for mold.

Thankfully, there is a solution - a marine dehumidifier. Boats have very high humidity levels, which makes it important to buy a good quality, reliable dehumidifier. A boat dehumidifier should also be able to work in low temperatures. Units that are not specifically made to work in these conditions will freeze up and break down.

How big your boat is will determine which marine dehumidifier you buy. Boat dehumidifiers come in various pint sizes and strengths. For a smaller boat, a portable, compact unit is best. The unit can easily be placed anywhere, like a shelf, and still be strong enough to control humidity in smaller areas. If you have a large size boat buying a large capacity dehumidifier would be best. These units have various features such as auto drain, which will enable continuous use, and can remove large quantities of humidity per day over a large space.

Here’s a look at our top rated boat dehumidifiers:

#1 Best Rated Boat Dehumidifier - Eva-Dry EDV-2200

This is a great unit made for smaller boats. This unit uses “Peltier” technology and is very efficient at removing humidity. The unit is compact in size, only weighs 4 pounds, and the boat dehumidifier reviews we surveyed have shown this unit to be very quiet.

If you have a smaller sized boat and need a reliable dehumidifier, the Eva-Dry EDV-2200 is a great choice.

Eva-Dry EDV-2200 Full Review

#2 Best Rated - DD8L Meaco Dehumidifier

This is another great boat dehumidifier that can work for large sized boats. This dehumidifier can work with boats that have up to 5 bedrooms while removing up to 8 liters of water per day. The unit is a desiccant dehumidifier making it ideal for the various weather conditions experienced while on a boat. It can also work in very low temperatures.


  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Absorption technology, no refrigerants
  • Made for boats
  • Very quiet operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to use control panel

This is a great boat dehumidifier made for larger areas. Boat dehumidifier reviews have shown this unit to be one of the best, most durable and efficient marine dehumidifiers currently on the market for larger sized boats. With its big capacity reservoir and proven reliability the DD8L Meaco dehumidifier is a great choice for any boat owner.

When looking for a boat dehumidifier the key is finding a unit that will fit into your space and effectively remove moisture. The other key point to consider is the fact that boats can have various inside temperatures and may get fairly cold - choosing a dehumidifier that can work in low temperatures, such as a desiccant unit would be ideal.