Comfort Aire Dehumidifier - Reviews and Buying Guide

Comfort-Aire is a company owned by Aiton’s equipment Inc. The company has been in operation for over 40 years, with its dominant market in Canada. They specialize in making various products for home heating and cooling solutions.

The company has a good reputation within Canada for providing quality products. Unfortunately, the reputation didn’t follow them when it comes to dehumidifiers. In many of the Comfort-Aire dehumidifier reviews it was noted that their units break down quite easily. Many users have reported that their units would completely break down before a year's time or sooner. Even more frustrating was the fact that several units would continuously break down small parts every few months. One customer had to bring in his Comfort-Aire dehumidifier in over 4 times in a year for repair before he called it quits.

When it comes to customer service and warranty, it’s not that much better. It was reported by several users that when their Comfort-Aire dehumidifier broke down it was a hassle for them to get it fixed. While the staff is friendly they take a long time to approve and service a broken dehumidifier.

The authorized repair centers for the Comfort-Aire dehumidifiers are also quite limited. You might have to drive up to a few hours away to bring in your Comfort-Aire dehumidifier for warranty.

Now with all that said, the units, when they work, work fairly well. Here’s a look at one Comfort-Aire dehumidifier:

#1 Best Rated Comfort Aire Dehumidifier - BHD 651

This is the best Comfort-Aire dehumidifier on the market right now. The unit is capable of dehumidifying up to 65 pints a day covering an area up to 1300 square feet. When the unit does work it is effective at removing humidity and keeping stable levels.

Features and Specifications

  • Energy Star rated
  • Can work at low temperatures
  • Washable filter
  • Digital touch pad operation
  • Coasters, can easily be moved around

From the exterior, the Comfort-Aire looks promising, although what’s inside unfortunately is not. In many of the Comfort-Aire dehumidifier reviews, it was noted that the units were made of cheap material, such as thin plastic fans. The fans were especially noted to break down quite often. They do have a warranty service and service their units. The warranty depots can be quite far making it a hassle to have a unit serviced; a few reviewers noted they had to drive over a few hours to bring in their unit for repair. This unit goes for about $260-$300+ making it very expensive compared to some of its competitors.

With the current quality of Comfort-Aire dehumidifiers, it is advised to stay clear of their units. While they are good units while they work they tend to break down quite often. Also, at its price point, many units can be found for 20%+ less, that would be superior.

Comfort-Aire does make some good quality products, but they have not been able to make reliable dehumidifiers. Hopefully in the future they will improve the quality and service for their Comfort-Aire dehumidifiers to please their customers.

Comfort Aire BHD 651 Full Review

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