Dehumidifier Cost

You may have bought a new house and noticed a muggy smell in the basement. You find out you have humidity problems; your allergies are acting up, and you need to take care of this right away. Great, another expense! Thankfully, with the high competition in the dehumidifier industry, there are many great quality dehumidifiers at very reasonable prices.

Before considering dehumidifier prices, the first thing you will need to know is how big of an area you need to cover. You will then need to find out how bad your moisture levels are and buy the right dehumidifier to fit your application. To find out how much moisture you have, you can buy a hygrometer.

Dehumidifiers come in different sizes and strengths. The units are rated by pints, meaning how many pints of moisture it can remove per day. Let’s take a look at the dehumidifier costs and the different style of units available.

Room specific solutions

A room specific dehumidifier is made to control humidity in smaller areas such as bathrooms, bedrooms, and closets. For closet solutions the units are extremely small and self-energy sufficient; the price usually varies from $20-$40. For bathrooms and bedrooms dehumidifiers start at around 20 pints and go up to 40-50 pints. The price of these units will vary quite a bit although most of them are between $120 and $250.

Basement solutions

Basement dehumidifiers are specifically made to control humidity in a basement. Basements are generally cold, and some units break down in the low temperatures. Basement dehumidifiers are specifically made to withstand these temperatures and work effectively in the cold. Basement dehumidifiers can be portable or stationary; some can even be attached to your ducting. Depending on the size of your basement and how heavy duty of a unit you need the cost will vary quite a bit. Some units start at $200 while other top of the line units can go up to $1500.

Whole house solutions

Whole house dehumidifiers are made to cover very large areas. These units can be portable or stationary. Most whole house dehumidifiers come with a ducting kit. This means the humidifier can be attached to your central air ducting, permitting the unit to successfully control humidity to desired levels across the house.  Many of these units also come with extra features. For example, some have superior air filters, which remove things like dust and allergens while the dehumidifier works. The cost for these units will vary depending on how many square feet you need to cover and how much humidity you have.  The dehumidifier prices for a good portable unit will be around $250, while other top of the line whole house solutions will cost about $1500-$2000.

As you can see, dehumidifier cost varies quite a bit from unit to unit. Good quality dehumidifiers can be found at very reasonable prices. Another thing to look out for is an energy efficient model as this will save you money in time as well.

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