Dehumidifier Settings | Optimal Room Humidity

Having humidity levels that are too high can be very uncomfortable and can make for many problems. When humidity levels are too high it can cause problems for those with asthma, allergies and makes for a breeding ground for things like mold. On the other hand, bringing humidity levels too low can cause the environment to be too dry, resulting in problems with furniture, such as wooden tables. 

Controlling humidity and keeping stable levels can become a little tricky; fortunately, many of the dehumidifiers available today can easily keep an ideal room humidity level.

Even within the same household, the indoor humidity levels will vary. The humidity levels in the basement tend to be quite different than the humidity levels on the second floor of a house.

Here’s an overview of different dehumidifier settings according to location:

Basements or crawl spaces

Basements are often overridden with moisture. There is often a substantial amount of moisture coming through the concrete.  Some houses can have up to 100 pints of humidity that needs to be removed per day, most of it coming through the basement in some cases. For a basement, it is recommended to keep moisture at least under 65% although the optimal room humidity would be between 40%-50%.


For some people having too much humidity in their bedroom is very uncomfortable. It also affects a lot of people with asthma and allergies, some to the point where it decreases their quality of sleep. Depending on the weather the humidity in a bedroom can change quite a bit, there are many humidifiers that can effectively control humidity in smaller areas like bedrooms. The healthy humidity level for a bedroom is between 40% and 60%, although the recommended dehumidifier settings should be between 40% and 50%.


More and more people are finishing their garages; many are even using them as workshops for various projects. If you are using your garage for working with wood products, it is important to keep humidity levels not too low as it can crack the wood. Too much humidity can cause problems as well as it can warp wood. Over time too much humidity can also cause very serious problems like rust all over your tools. The ideal dehumidifier humidity setting for a garage is between 40% and 60%.

Humidity can cause an array of problems but with today’s dehumidifiers this can easily be fixed. Dehumidifiers are now capable of successfully removing humidity and are programmed to keep stable levels which you choose. Anything over 60% humidity is considered unhealthy and at this point problems like mold growth can occur. When humidity dips lower than 35% the air gets very dry and can dry up your wood furniture leading to cracking. Depending on where your humidifier is located the ideal room humidity level should be between 40%-60%. This will ensure a healthy environment for you and your family as well as make for a more comfortable living area.