GE Dehumidifier - Reviews and Buying Guide

GE manufacturers have been around for over a 100 years. Over time this company has built a great reputation for itself and is now a world leader in consumer appliances. They are known for creative, great quality products, which are durable and aesthetically pleasing for the household. The GE dehumidifiers are fairly new to the market compared to competitors.

GE is a very large company with a diverse selection of products. Being such a large company, many of the GE dehumidifier reviews noted that their customer service was lacking. It was mentioned many times that it was hard to receive warranty services or find the right person to talk to regarding a defective product.

GE products can’t be bought directly from the manufacturer. GE is a very popular brand and is carried in most big home improvement stores. You can also find their products easily online, competitively priced.

The quality of the GE dehumidifiers ranges quite a bit from model to model. Many users have reported that these units are extremely effective and have lasted them a long time. On the other hand, some reports have indicated that GE units tend to break down after a few years of use. With that said, most of the GE units come with extended warranties which cover this problem.

GE dehumidifiers come in various pint sizes making them ideal for residential use. Here are a few examples where these units can be used:

  • Finished Garage
  • Apartment/Condo/House
  • Finished/Unfinished basement
  • Office

GE produces a wide range of different capacity dehumidifiers. The following are the 3 best GE dehumidifiers currently on the market:

#1 Best Rated GE Dehumidifier - GE ADER65LN

This is the best GE dehumidifier on the market today. It can cover a vast area, like full damp basements, and easily keeps humidity between 30%-80%. This unit also features washable filters, a big reservoir, easy digital controls and much more.The GE dehumidifier reviews for this product have all been very good; most are over a 4 star rating. This unit also comes with a 1 year replacement warranty.

GE ADER65LN Full Review

#2 Best Rated - GE ADEH50LP

This is another quality GE dehumidifier. This unit has many great extras like washable filters, freeze protection, a large reservoir, and digital controls. The reviews vary quite a bit for this product. Reviews have shown that this product is effective and does what it’s supposed to. The only problem noted was that some break down; although more have said it’s a durable unit.

GE ADEH50LP Full Review

#3 Best Rated - GE ADER30LP

This GE model is a good unit, capable of removing up to 30 pints of humidity a day. The unit can keep humidity levels between 35% and 80%. This model has all the features of larger units like washable filters, a full bucket indicator, low temperature capabilities and more. Overall it’s been rated as a great option if you’re looking for a 30 pint unit.

There are many brands producing dehumidifiers on the market today; GE makes good quality products that can be bought for reasonable prices.