Haier Dehumidifier - Reviews and Buying Guide

Haier has been around for a very long time, dating back to 1929. The company is Chinese based but supplies the world with various different electronics and appliances. Since 2011, Haier has had the largest market share of big appliances. The company produces a host of products such as televisions, microwaves, phones and dehumidifiers.

Since Haier is such a large company with a presence all over the world many wonder how this will affect their customer service. In most places Haier is fairly easy to reach and provides good customer service. They also have approved repair stations all over the country in case your Haier dehumidifier breaks down.

Haier’s reputation is generally good. They are known for focusing on making quality products which are reliable. Many of the Haier dehumidifiers are very reasonably priced. Haier doesn’t sell directly; they distribute to big box stores which in turn carry and distribute their products all over the world. Haier products are also easily findable all over the internet at competitive prices.

With a 7.8% market share in large appliances you’d think Haier would be dominating the dehumidifier industry, but this isn’t the case. The Haier dehumidifiers available are relatively new to the market and don’t have much of a presence as of yet. There are few Haier dehumidifier reviews available. Haier is slowly introducing more and more products to the American market, and in the near future might have many more dehumidifiers available.

Haier dehumidifiers have more limited versions of units available but are still suitable for places like:

  • Apartments
  • Rooms
  • Basements (finished/unfinished)
  • Finished garages

Haier dehumidifiers are limited but still have a few options available. The following are two of the best Haier dehumidifiers:

#1 Best Rated Haier Dehumidifier - Haier HDN655E

This is the best Haier dehumidifier on the market today. Able to remove up to 65 pints of humidity per day, it is ideal for big areas with high moisture. This unit also has the capacity to work in very cold conditions, making it ideal for places such as un-finished basements. The unit also has many other great futures like digital screen display, casters for easy transportation, the Energy Star rating and auto shut off. Haier dehumidifier reviews have indicated that this unit is extremely effective at removing moisture and keeping stable humidity levels.

Haier HDN655E Full Review

#2 Best Rated - Haier DM30EJ-T

This is another quality dehumidifier made by Haier. It has a very simple design with mechanical controls and can control moisture from 30%-80%. The reservoir of this unit is very big, meaning you will have to empty it a lot less compared to other models. The unit is also Energy Star rated; saving you money on your electricity bill.  This unit is still fairly new to the American market and has very few reviews available so far.

Haier DM30EJ-T Full Review

Haier is currently expanding their market for different types of products all over the world. More and more of their products are slowly making their way to America, including their dehumidifiers. Currently the Haier market share for dehumidifiers is small but steadily growing as they continue to produce quality, reliable products.