Dehumidifier Lifespan

How long a dehumidifier lasts is a question that is often asked by potential buyers, and with good reason. If you’ve ever owned a dehumidifier or have friends or family that have bought dehumidifiers, there’s a good chance you’ve heard a few stories of dehumidifiers breaking down all the time.

How long a dehumidifier lasts will depend on many factors. The first thing to do is look for a company that has a reputation for making quality products. There are many products on the market that have been tested for years and show they don’t break down. On the other hand, some manufacturers have made models that break down after only a few months’ time.

What’s inside is most important. The best thing to do is check reviews and see which durable units are available. Units that are cheaply made will break down easily and need constant repair. For example, one model we surveyed had a very thin plastic fan and was connected to the system with inferior quality components. The fan was reported to break down every few months by many reviewers, meaning the unit had to be sent in every time for repair. To say the least, consumers gave up on the unit pretty fast.

A good quality dehumidifier lifespan would be around 5-15 years +. Another important thing to look out for is a good quality warranty. Often very good dehumidifiers that will last long have a long term warranty as the manufacturers know these units most likely won’t need any repair. In the case that the unit does break down it is fixed and the unit will be like brand new. With such warranties you could expect a minimum of 5 years out of good quality dehumidifier, which will most likely last much longer than that.

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