Is Dehumidifier Water Drinkable?

More and more our society is starting to become concerned with re-usable resources.  There are many great ways to actively play a role in being “green” such as consuming less electricity and water. You might live in an area with high humidity and have a ton of water daily coming from your dehumidifier. You now wonder, is water from a dehumidifier safe to drink?

This is a very common question; countless people have asked the same question - can you drink water from a dehumidifier? Some claim that dehumidifier water is just like distilled water and is safe to drink - this is unfortunately not true. While water from a dehumidifier is basically distilled water it may contain things harmful to humans. While dehumidifiers do have filters there may be an unacceptable amount of dust or microbes in the water which could cause damage to your body. In many homes there are also fungi and mold, especially if there was a lot of humidity in the room before. Mold is very dangerous and can make people very sick. Since dehumidifier water may carry all these, it is also advised not to give this water to any pets, such as dogs. Many have wondered if it is safe to use this water in an aquarium for their fish - it is not advised to do this either and has been shown to be unhealthy for the fish.

While drinking dehumidifier water is un-safe there are many things you can do with it. Here’s a few example of some things you can do with this water:


While the microbes in the water would be dangerous to a person’s health it will be perfectly okay for a plant. If you have plants around the house or in the garden you can use the dehumidifier water to water your plants. 

Window washing

Washing your windows can take up a lot of water and is often done over the summer. You can use the water from the dehumidifier along with your favorite soap/cleaner to achieve spotless windows.

Now with that being said there is a company that took the problem of unusable dehumidifier water and did something about it. They have come out with a two in one product to solve your dehumidifier water dilemma. This fantastic invention from Air2Water will work just like any other dehumidifier and also purify the water making it safe to drink.

This dehumidifier is capable of producing up to 5 liters of drinking water per day. With its superior filter system this dehumidifier will make water that’s 99.9% bacteria free. Surprisingly this unit only uses 500 watts of power making it very energy efficient. With its combined energy efficiency and the fact that it saves you from buying water, this dehumidifier is a great cost effective tool to have in the house.

So to conclude, is dehumidifier water drinkable? Unfortunately, for the most part it isn’t. You can use your dehumidifier water for many great things like window washing and watering your plants. Hopefully in the future more dehumidifiers will follow in the footsteps of Air2Water and produce dehumidifiers and drinkable water machines all in one.