Maytag Dehumidifier - Reviews and Buying Guide

Maytag is a huge brand name all across America. They are known for making anything from washing machines to refrigerators and also make dehumidifiers. Maytag has been a household name brand now for over 100 years, with its dominant market in the United States and Canada.

Maytag is known for really looking at what’s “inside the machine”. They take the time to properly build machines that will last a long time. They also offer long warranties on their products to ensure customer satisfaction. Unfortunately the quality of their products has reduced quite dramatically overtime, especially with the Maytag dehumidifiers. Maytag has been going through many financial difficulties that affected their reputation and how they take care of their customers.

When a unit breaks down, their customer service has been rated quite poor. Among the Maytag dehumidifier reviews it was noted in several that the resolution to their problems weren’t adequate. Several people said that parts were often on back order leading them to wait months on end for their product. Reaching the right person can also be quite difficult. It was noted in several reviews that when calling Maytag you get bounced around a lot, some for hours, before you find the right person. Once you did find the right person too it was often noted that it was difficult to get proper resolution from them.

When the units break down many users have reported that the engineering inside them, to replace parts, is quite poor. This means that if one thing break s down many components might need to be changed/replaced leading to a higher repair bill if past warranty. In most cases it was noted that it would be almost cheaper buying a new unit compared to the cost of buying all the parts and labor involved for fixing the unit.

When in production, the Maytag dehumidifiers were quite poor, even the best Maytag dehumidifier was averaging at best a 2.5/5 star review. The units were known to not remove the humidity properly and break down quite easily. They were also very limited in the variety of dehumidifiers for sale.

Maytag went through some financial difficulties and is mostly no longer producing dehumidifiers. Maytag filed for bankruptcy in 2007, which led them to not be able to repair or fulfill warranties on their dehumidifiers for a period of time. In the Maytag dehumidifier reviews it showed that many were not able to get any resolution which was very frustrating.
While Maytag may be a good manufacturer for things like refrigerators it didn’t do so well with dehumidifiers. The units are quite expensive, compared to competitor pricing, often break down and have very unreliable customer service.

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