Sunpentown Dehumidifier - Reviews and Buying Guide

Sunpentown is a large manufacturer of various household products such as air conditioners, refrigerators and dehumidifiers. The company prides itself on making top quality products, which are eco-friendly and Energy Star rated.

The company has been around for a long time and has built a positive reputation for themselves. Their products, such as Sunpentown dehumidifiers, are known to be very energy efficient, which can help you save money on electric bills.

Sunpentown has a great reputation for building quality products that last. Sunpentown dehumidifier reviews have indicated that their units don’t break down and are very reliable. They also offer a full-year warranty on their products for parts and workmanship. When dealing with warranty issues it was noted that Sunpentown was easily reached and took care of their customers.

Sunpentown dehumidifiers can’t be bought directly from them. Their units are sold all over North America in various outlet stores and by online retailers.

When it comes to selection, Sunpentown has a wide array of products. The company makes various pint size dehumidifiers solving most people’s needs.

A Sunpentown dehumidifier can be used in places like:

  • Finished Garage
  • Basement (finished/unfinished)
  • Whole house solution
  • Room specific
  • Apartment/Condo

There are many Sunpentown dehumidifiers on the market. Here are the best options:

2017 Best Rated SPT Dehumidifiers

#1 SPT SD-72PE

The SPT SD-72PE is able to remove up 70 pints of moisture daily. It offers three water drainage options: continuous pump or gravity drain and manually emptying the water bucket. It has a front access 14.78 pint water tank that has a full indicator and auto shut off. It even comes with a 16 foot hose. This excellent dehumidifier is Energy Star efficient and has a washable air filter. Retailing for around $250, it is easily programmed, offers numerous features, and comes with a one year warranty.

SPT SD-72PE Full Review

2012 Best Rated SPT Dehumidifiers (For Your Reference)

#1 Best Rated Sunpentown Dehumidifier - SD-65E

This is simply the best Sunpentown dehumidifier around; with its 65 pint capacity, it is capable of solving humidity problems of any size up to 500 square feet. The unit is also extremely energy efficient with an Energy Star rating.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 12.6 x 24.5 inches ; 50 pounds
  • Energy Star rated
  • Direct drain option
  • Electronic control panel
  • Full bucket indicator

This unit has been receiving rave reviews; the reviews have an average of 4.5/5 star rating. With its superior durability and energy efficient operation, the Sunpentown 65 is a top dehumidifier choice.

Sunpentown SD-65E Full Review

#2 Best Rated - Sunpentown SD-70E

This is another quality dehumidifier made by Sunpentown. This unit is capable of removing 70 pints of humidity every 24 hours while covering a large area. The Sunpentown dehumidifier reviews have shown this unit to be very quiet. The unit is very efficient and Energy Star rated.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: W18” x D15” x H26”; Weight: 50 pounds
  • Energy efficient
  • Washable filters
  • 10 L capacity
  • Full bucket indicator
  • Direct drain option
  • Castors for easy mobility

This Sunpentown dehumidifier is fairly new, with little reviews on the unit, although from the reviews so far it looks promising. With its Energy Star rating, large coverage capacity and large reservoir, the Sunpentown 70 pint dehumidifier is a good choice for places like basements.

Sunpentown SD-70E Full Review

Overall, Sunpentown is a great company. They produce reliable products that will last a long time, and if something breaks down they go out of their way to take care of their customers. The units themselves are extremely effective at removing humidity and keeping it at desired levels. They are also eco-friendly and Energy Star rated, which can add up to big savings.