Whole House Dehumidifier - Reviews and Buying Guide

There is a vast range of dehumidifiers on the market today - some are made to take care of small areas like bedrooms while others are designed for large scale industrial applications.

When looking for a whole house dehumidifier, you may think that you will need to buy several different units and place them all over your house to get the job done. This can be quite expensive - usually a whole house dehumidifier cost less costly than buying several different smaller units.

Another thing homeowners worry about is how difficult whole house dehumidifier installation will be. Thankfully, with the recent advances in dehumidifiers many units are very easy to install with included installation kits which allow you to easily attach the dehumidifier to your venting system.

Whole house dehumidifiers are made for large areas. Unlike smaller units, these dehumidifiers are made to cover areas up to several thousand square feet. Most units are capable of keeping humidity levels between 30% and 80%. Whole house dehumidifiers usually come with a direct drain option, meaning you can drain the water into your sump pit or other drain so that the unit can run continuously without requiring you to empty it. Many units also have great quality filters, which filter your air as it passes through the dehumidifier.

These dehumidifiers can also be used in places like:

  • Basements
  • Large offices

There are many whole house dehumidifiers available. Below are the best rated models.

2017 Best Rated Whole House Dehumidifiers

#1 Santa Fe Compact 2

2012 Best Rated Whole House Dehumidifiers (For Your Reference)

#1 Best Rated Whole House Dehumidifier - Santa Fe Classic

This unit is without a doubt the best whole house dehumidifier on the market. The whole house dehumidifier reviews we surveyed give it an average of 4.7/5 stars! This 110 pint unit is capable of keeping humidity under 50% while covering up to 3000 square feet. It has many amazing features like a built in high quality drain hose, low temperature operation and castors. The Santa Fe whole basement dehumidifier has all the features needed for a whole house: it is extremely energy efficient and effective at removing humidity making it a clear winner for whole house solutions.

Santa Fe Classic Full Review

#2 Best Rated - Aprilaire 1750A

This unit, with its automatic humidity sensors, can easily maintain the humidity level you want, never going too low or too high. This dehumidifier is also very reasonably priced compared to other whole house solutions.

Even at its surprisingly low price point, the whole house dehumidifier reviews we surveyed have proven it to be a reliable and durable solution to solve your whole house humidity problems.

Aprilaire 1750A Full Review

Extra Tip: Whole house dehumidifiers can be quite costly to operate - it’s best to buy one that is energy-efficient and proven to be reliable, durable and maintenance free.