Does A Dehumidifier Cool A Room?

A dehumidifier is purchased for various reasons, but primarily for controlling humidity in a household. They come in various pint sizes, which refers to the amount of water in pints they can remove per day. Dehumidifiers are also made in various different ways; some are very energy efficient while others use a ton of energy.

When purchasing a dehumidifier many people wonder, does a dehumidifier cool a room? The answer is a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no.

A dehumidifier will remove excess humidity from an environment. By doing so the unit will produce a bit of heat, and it may make the actual temperature in the room go up a little. The amount of heat produced by a dehumidifier will vary quite a bit from unit to unit. Some are very efficient while others displace a lot of heat while removing humidity. With this said, when humidity levels go down it feels much less warm than a lower degree with higher humidity.

For example, if your room is 75 degrees F, and you have extremely high humidity it will feel much warmer in the room compared to a room with a temperature of 77 degrees F with low humidity.

There are a few ways you can use a dehumidifier to make things cooler. You can set your dehumidifier to run during the night time and only run for little amounts during the day. This will bring down the humidity during the night and give the room a chance to cool off during the day, when you’ll be using it. By doing so you will have a much more comfortable environment, and it will feel much less warm, even if it is technically a degree or two higher in temperature.

Even with these techniques dehumidifiers are often not a good enough singular tool to keep the temperature down within your household. One of the best things you can do is purchase a whole house dehumidifier which hooks up to your ducting.

With a whole house dehumidifier the unit will work alongside your air conditioning. The dehumidifier will be removing the humidity from your house, which will make it feel cooler, while the air conditioner will be pumping fresh cold air into your house.

With the combination of the two it will make for a really comfortable living area. The air conditioning unit will also have to work a lot less hard to achieve the same results. As many dehumidifiers are energy efficient, using a dehumidifier in combination with air conditioning will save you money instead of just using air conditioning.

As you can see, the question - will a dehumidifier cool a room? - is a little tricky to answer. It is best to look at a dehumidifier as a side kick to room cooling. While it isn’t usually used to cool a room by itself, it can be a great addition to successfully make a cool and comfortable living area for you and your family.