Zenith Dehumidifier - Reviews and Buying Guide

Zenith is a brand name owned by LG electronics. They manufacture their products in South Korea. The company is known for making good quality products. Their slogan is “The quality goes in, before the name goes on." They follow through with this by ensuring their products are extremely reliable and durable.

Zenith products are sold all over the world, with its main market in North America and East Asia. Since Zenith is a part of LG they have shared power for customer support. When buying a Zenith dehumidifier it’s very easy to get a hold of their staff for inquiries regarding product installation, warranty issues and general product questions.

Zenith has a great reputation for making all kinds of electronic products, However when it comes to dehumidifiers the quality is less than stellar. In many of the Zenith dehumidifier reviews it was noted that the product works fairly well, although it tends to break down often.

The units have a very basic design, with manual operation, but still effectively remove humidity from different size areas. The units do come with some extra features like casters making them easily portable.

Zenith dehumidifiers are extremely limited in selection; they only offer a few models, most being small pint size units.

Here are a few examples of where a Zenith dehumidifier can be used:

  • Apartment
  • Rooms in a house
  • Small basements
  • Small offices

Here’s an overview of one of the Zenith dehumidifiers:

#1 Best Rated Zenith Dehumidifier - Zenith ZD300

This is one of the best Zenith dehumidifiers currently available, although it’s not much for quality. The unit can remove up to 30 pints of humidity per day and can cover medium size areas. The Zenith dehumidifier reviews have indicated that this unit is somewhat effective at removing humidity and keeping levels stable. The united is very basic; it doesn’t have any bells and whistles and all of its controls are manual.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 29 inches long x 23 inches high x 23 inches wide
  • Removes up to 30 pints of humidity per 24 hours
  • Full bucket indicator
  • Manual controls
  • Casters, can easily be moved around

This 30 pint unit is best fit for smaller areas such as specific rooms, small basements or small offices.

The Zenith dehumidifier reviews show that this unit tends to break down a lot. There were quite a few people that commented that this model breaks down after a year’s time. Many users also commented that the unit progressively got less effective at removing humidity. The unit only comes with a limited warranty which makes it a risky purchase.

Zenith ZD300 Full Review

Zenith is very popular company for various electronic products however they don’t have a large market share when it comes to dehumidifiers. They have a limited amount of units with only a few pint sizes. The Zenith dehumidifiers are made poorly, often break down and don’t work as advertised. They also come with a very limited warranty. Still, they are just as expensive as some higher quality dehumidifiers.

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